Our Services

Our Services

Office provided all services and consultancy and legal legitimacy to its customers from the ministries, agencies and interests, corporations, government and non-governmental organizations and individuals and institutions professionally and professional highs, and are these services by a group of lawyers graduating from famous universities.

And ranging offered the office of legal services between the provision of services Alasthart legitimate, legal and preparing and drafting contracts of all kinds and direct issues of all kinds (criminal - a civilian - commercial - financial - labor - personal) conditions and the implementation of the provisions and the collection of the Bureau and the settling of estates and liquidation of companies and settle their positions and numbers of studies legal, these services are, for example, but not limited to the following:

Finance and Banking:

  • Rehabilitation and recording of financial companies and the issuance of licenses from the Capital Market Authority.
  • experience in dealing with issues and disputes, securities and financial systems market.
  • dealing with disputes and financial and banking disputes.
  • formulate common financial speculation financial, investment and all types of loans and transactions in accordance with Islamic law agreements.
  • experience in banking disputes and acts of the banks and the legal claim arising from loans and letters of credit and letters of guarantee and all credit contracts and contracts for local and foreign Murabaha and Istisna contracts and contracts for the lease, study and drafting of the mortgage and loan contracts.
  • Providing legal advice and legitimacy on the work of Islamic banks and Islamic finance contracts.
  • Registration and establishment of companies of all kinds, whether a limited liability or joint stock company or solidarity or a simple recommendation or any of the business or professional corporations.
  • Preparation of start-up companies and decades supplements amendment and changes to the company from a shortage or an increase in capital.
  • Preparation and drafting and review platforms for companies, and regulations of corporate governance, internal audit and regulations, and to attend meetings of the boards of directors.
  • Recording names and trademarks.
Foreign Qalastosmar:
  • Provide legal advice to foreign investors in terms of regulations followed in Saudi Arabia, and in terms of the amount of capital and type of tax imposed, the statement of the investor's rights and propose legal solutions to address any legal problematic may face.
  • Preparation of foreign investment and participation contracts, whether the whole project or mixed foreigners.
  • Registration of foreign or mixed companies, and licensing and business records for foreign investors, and its representation in all that is needed before the official authorities and informal Gulf Cooperation Council and Arab Countries
Real estate:
  • Extract the arguments become established.
  • Addressing conflicts own real estate and overlapping instruments and infringements and expropriation.
  • Preparation of land property investment and development contracts.
  • Implementation of registration kind of Real Estate and the conclusion of the mortgage contract operations.
  • Prepare real estate leases and investment.

Contracts and agreements

  • Preparation and drafting of all contracts and agreements and memorandums of understanding, reviewed and audited.
  • experience in dealing with construction contracts and supply contracts and technical, technology, telecommunications and investment contracts transfer.
  • Preparation and the conclusion of the legal clearances and make adjustments.
Consulting and studies
  • Provide legal advice and legitimacy to the customer in the various regulations and procedures, to ensure the safety of its decisions and steps of implementation.
  • Provide legal studies and legitimacy to all inquiries and strategic topics for the client.
  • address the legal problems and the dye and legitimize irregular and legitimacy to the client's business.
Conciliation and arbitration and conciliation
  • hold councils of the peace and the conclusion of agreements Magistrate's legitimacy.
  • The client's representation on the boards of conciliation and compromise in unforeseen disputes with arbitration bodies.
  • preparation and adoption of the arbitration document.
Pleading and advocacy and case management
  • provide integrated legal study on the legal position of the client in the event of his desire to move the lawsuit, and assess the strengths and weaknesses and gain ratio lawsuit.
  • The client representation in front of all the judicial authorities on the different types and grades of judicial commissions, and quasi-judicial.
  • address all suits brought against the client and protect the rights and interests.
  • Implementation of judicial decisions and the provisions of the arbitrators, including local and foreign judgments and sentences.


  • Dealing with labor disputes of all kinds.
  • Addressing labor problems resulting from enterprise restructuring and its effects on employment and their rights and their relationship with unions.
  • Preparation and adoption of regulations for the inner workings of the Ministry of Labor and internal policies of human resources.
Registration and documentation: Registration of companies, trademarks, patents, industrial designs, both intellectual property (Industrial and literary) and include the following:
  • Take the necessary steps to establish companies and procedures to modify procedures or converted to a closed joint-stock companies or public companies in accordance with the system and according to the requirements of the Capital Market Authority.
  • Preparation of regulations for the inner workings of the companies in accordance with the provisions of the Labor Law, Labor and models used in it.
  • Extract the business records of companies and institutions and renew and update, modify, and extract Replacement her open branches inside and outside the Kingdom.
  • Extract all the necessary licenses from the government agencies according to their competence donors including the licensing of the General Authority for Investment and Capital Market Authority.
  • Registration of commercial agencies and commercial distribution and franchise contracts in the history of commercial agencies of the Ministry of Commerce and Industry.
  • Registration of trademarks, trade names, in accordance with regulations Arabia, as well as the follow-up recorded in the Arabian Gulf and Arab states and Western countries.
  • Take all necessary measures to protect trademarks and the rights of intellectual and industrial property literary procedures, anti-commercial fraud and anti-counterfeiting and anti-dumping and unfair competition.
  • Decades documenting the actions conducted by the Office clients and save them and save their documents under the special deposit lecturer official has.
Settling of estates:
  • holds our group through specialized teams that oversees the work of a group of lawyers skilled to assess the elements of inheritance, filtered and implementation of the commandments Martyn and conditions of standing and repayment of debts of inheritance and collection of their rights and dividing notables legacy among eligible adults were or minors or women, whether it's satisfaction or spend and Transfer of Ownership scale of detachment to eligible and whether it is inside or outside the Kingdom.
  • Liquidation of companies and settle the situation and evaluate the assets and divided
  • Group holds the liquidation of companies of all kinds agreement or spend and evaluate assets and divided or sold whether it's satisfaction or spend the month of the playoffs, as specified by law.

Government Services

  • Direct all proceedings before government agencies, including the police and civil rights departments and the Bureau of Investigation and Prosecution and all control and investigation authorities and all administrative departments.
Follow up the implementation of its client’s claims with governmental and non-governmental bodies.