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International Justice Legal Consulting and Dispute Settlement domestic and international arbitration

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  • Name: Dr Abou baker Mohammed Abou baker
  • Address: PO. Box 14708, Doha - Qatar.
  • Mobile: 00201068488876 - 0097455217027
  • Name: E-mail: aboubaker999@hotmail.com/ abubaker@international-justice.net
  • Date of Birth: 28 August 1968. Marital status: Married. Nationality: Chadians – Egypt


  • PhD in Criminal Code, entitled (and guarantees the rights of the accused before the
  • International Criminal Court) with honors
  • Masters in Criminal Code, entitled (Comparative Criminal Magistrate, between Islamic law and
  • the statutory law and other laws Egyptian Universities) Ain Shams - The Hague) grade of excellence)
  • Certificate of Legal Sciences and police from the police academy in Cairo
  • Diploma Technical Commercial Institute of Higher Education of the Ministry of Cairo.
  • Higher Diploma in Sport (Karate - Body Building - Swimming - Rescue in pools and open water.
  • Certificate of quality applications in the government sector and the private sector
  • A certificate from the International Conference on Human Resources and methods developed scientifically and practically

The total experiences years: 18 years

  • Lecturer legal national legal institutions.
  • A lecturer in criminal law and the fight against crime and drugs in national legal institutions.
  • Lawyer resumes high degree in civil courts - criminal - criminal - the military family - arbitration.
  • Member of the Bar of the Arab Republic of Egypt.
  • Member of the Arab Lawyers Union.
  • Advisor to the arbitration dispute resolution and settlement of the Political Affairs Committee.
  • Constructors officer and legal counsel College of the North Atlantic from 2005 to 2013.
  • A police officer (former) - Ministry of Interior, Doha - Qatar. - From 1995 to 2005.
  • A police officer (former) - Ministry of Interior, the Arab Republic of Egypt. - From 1991 to 1995.
  • A police officer (former) - Ministry of Interior, Chad. - From 1991 to 1995.
  • Certificate of passing the written press reports
  • Crisis Management Certificate and contemporary political concepts (Cairo University)
  • Certificate of Settlement of Dispute Resolution electronic (Jamahalqahirh)
  • Specialist Certification of information security and computer crime control
  • Certificate of forensic methods of detecting crimes (rigging - Besamat the - kill - wounds)
  • Certificate of Protocol and Ceremonies
  • Certificate of intensive session of the diplomatic action
  • Advanced specialized session of the Law (Faculty of Law, University of Qatar)
  • Certificate in Negotiation
  • Certificate of the mechanics of the parliamentary and local elections and administrative (Cairo University)
  • Certificate of crimes impact on events
  • Certificate in International Humanitarian Law (Human Rights and the Paris Convention
  • Certificate of capacity building of stakeholders workers labor and employment sector (anti-trafficking)
  • Certificate of Safety and Security (Qatar Chamber)
  • Workshop (urging the state to join the international conventions and charters Qatar 9 - 10 / April 2013), the National Commission for Human Rights

Specialized courses in the field of security :-

  • Anti-drug
  • Criminal Investigation
  • Special Forces
  • The protection of important personal
  • The security of stadiums
  • The security of vital installations and sensitive
  • Courses in the field of search and salvage
  • Topography education military
  • The laws of legal proceedings
  • Company Laws
  • Rules of labor contracts
  • Public crimes laws
  • The penal laws and public sectors and explain the laws on
  • Removing and installing light weapons and securing methods - and types
  • Processing the shooting range
  • Processing field of inhibitions and the use of modern tactical ways
  • Insurance and arrest people.

Writing scientific research and research methods courses in the work:

  • Courses for military action: courses before entering the military college - Special Forces - police departments - working in the field of research and investigation
  • Work Legal Courses: Code of Criminal Procedure - General Penal Code and your explanation of immigration laws - labor laws - human rights laws
  • Anti-drug and prevention - corporate laws

Field visits:

  • The central traffic management: and the knowledge of the rules and traffic laws.
  • And the accident investigation - civil - criminal.
  • General Directorate for Drug Control: work to explain the types of vanes - laws - Prevention and awareness courses - preventive inspection procedures - precautionary places closed - open
  • Find devices - police dogs
  • Department of Corrections: legally defined - secured - isolate the defendants - reform programs - Organize Almnubat and equipping individuals and taking Procedures prevention and precaution.
  • Central Security and Special Forces: Education, formation of ground forces - Disengagement - control demonstrations - Field negotiation - teaching martial arts field - the art of the arrest.
  • Auto insurance and private military and armored vehicles on the ground -
  • Public security and police departments: Security Mhom the year - the most important business - the art of the investigation - the work of the investigation - receive communications and writing records - legal memos

Potential scientific and applied for work sessions: :

  • Courses and consulting work include sports (founding clubs - the theory of cycles - Types of devices
  • Work in cycles: swim teaching - Advanced - Expert
  • Work in cycles: Rescue - diving - Search and recovery
  • Work in cycles: Karate and self-defense street fighting - Offers - Training - Fighting Tools
  • Work in cycles: fitness - bodybuilding - force
  • Work in cycles: Driving - motorcycles - Equestrian
  • Work in cycles: the establishment of security firms and personnel training
  • Work in cycles: VIP protection - and secure embassies - alarms and fire - and laws
  • Work in cycles: the establishment of law firms and developed
  • Work in the courses: in the fight against crime, analysis and information security
  • Work in cycles: the investigation procedures of administrative and financial corruption and control methods
  • Arabic: Mother tongue - the original language.
  • English Good
  • French: Good
  • Software: Microsoft Office (Word – Windows - power point – Excel – internet).
Personal Skills:
  • Creative, self-motivated, reliable and dynamic.
  • Excellent communication skills.
  • Good at meeting deadlines.
  • The ability to work alone and as a team member.
Teamwork skills:
  • Cooperation with team members to discuss the organization and implementation of the action plan.